Start Here!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “OMG… where do I start?”, start here.

Résumé Mascara offers plenty of advice for all aspects of your job search.  But there’s so much!  Where to start?!  Here are some pointers that tackle some pertinent information when you’re first starting out, including links to the posts featured here that go into more detail.  If you have questions, ask them in the comments.

What to know before you write your résumé

1. Write in bullet points— no paragraphs

2. Order your résumé in a way that takes into account the reader’s interest

3. Clarify your accomplishments

4. Make sure you format your résumé well

5. Include only correct and up-to-date information

6.  Do not list references directly on résumé

7. Do not use a résumé template

8.  Use only one page

What to know before you go to an interview  

1.  Prepare an elevator pitch or marketing statement

2.  STAR

3.  Be prepared to ask questions

4.  Look the part by dressing well

5.  Be confident

6.  Say thank you via email immediately after the interview

Be the first to start a conversation

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