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Are you there, Job? It’s me, Amanda: Overwhelmed? Break it down

June 22, 2011


Amanda Gunter Searching for a job is a long arduous journey and if you’re like me you often feel helpless, overwhelmed and hopeless. You apply and wait, you network and hope to hear back from contacts and at the end of the day you feel like you got nothing accomplished. Nothing could be farther from […]

Lost after college? Good

June 2, 2011


Harriet May David Brooks offers some advice in The New York Times to recent grads leaving a structured adolescent life to face an unstructured adult world: Today’s graduates are also told to find their passion and then pursue their dreams. The implication is that they should find themselves first and then go off and live their […]

Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: How to find and keep your focus

May 25, 2011


Amanda Gunter I find myself losing focus on my job search more regularly than I care to admit. Sometimes monthly, weekly or even daily… Fortunately, in the time I’ve been unemployed I’ve figured out how to keep myself motivated, and after all, motivation is the toughest part of the job search. When I find myself […]

Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: Ask and You Shall Receive

May 11, 2011


Amanda Gunter I’ve had writer’s block lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve redoubled my efforts and therefore have been writing more cover letters or if it’s because I don’t know whether I’m coming or going between applying to jobs in MN and NC, but regardless I decided to update a popular post I […]

Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: Long-distance job search

May 4, 2011


Amanda Gunter It started with a text message and a forgotten dream. Ever since college I’ve wanted to work at Target’s headquarters. They treat their employees well, it’s on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis and most importantly I have an in- a friend that works there. A few weeks ago, when I was feeling […]

Nonchalance isn’t good for the job hunt

April 26, 2011


Tatiana Christian Harriet asked me to write about my personal experiences with job hunting and interviewing since I’ve officially been unemployed for two months now. And so far – I’d have marginal success. Last month, I interviewed for a position at a hotel, but was rejected because I lacked industry specific experience. Then later, sometime […]