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You must do these when you write your resume

May 2, 2011


Raymond May 1.  First of all, let’s review the most fundamental aspect of resume writing: the purpose of a resume is to get you the interview! Not to be the best historical document of your life!  Must I point you in the direction of Twitter to remind you that no one reads any more?  The best […]

And we’re back

April 23, 2011


Hello again, and thank you for waiting patiently, lovely readers. We’ve got some good things ahead.  We shall be having some guest posts featuring recent grads who are embarking on their first real job hunt, as well as a weekly column on the subject by Amanda Gunter, which we have lovingly named “Are you there […]

Why your life depends on the next twenty seconds

March 4, 2011


Marc Sokol You want a job. You want an interview. You want someone to look at your resume and say, “This is the one!” And 20 seconds may make all the difference. Start with your resume.  Twenty-seconds is just about… How long someone will scan your resume or Linked In profile before they decide if […]

Resume rules: have they changed?

February 23, 2011


Allison Cheston Whenever I speak on panels I get inundated with resumes. From the questions and the resumes themselves, the thing that always strikes me is how ill-prepared even the most qualified people can be when it comes to developing their credential documents. And the resume is always considered the centerpiece. One of the main […]

Summarize, summarize, summarize

February 17, 2011


Allison Cheston One of the things that drives me crazy about resumes–and I look at a lot of them–is when people don’t put a Summary on the top of their resume. A Summary accomplishes two things: It guides the reader so they fully understand a) what you know how to do, and b) what you […]

The Résumé Ingredients Rule

February 15, 2011


Harriet May I first read about this in a post by Katherine Hansen on Quint Careers.  She writes that the Résumé Ingredients Rule was set was set by Donald Asher, and states that information on a résumé should be in order of importance to the reader.  Got that? When listing your jobs, the most important […]

Give me nothing but the good stuff

February 14, 2011


Jonathan Vaudreuil As a manager who hired sales and marketing teams at two companies, there was one resume style which rarely got anyone’s foot in the door: a boring list of job tasks. Within seconds my eyes would glaze over before I clicked DELETE. Why would I pass them over, even if they had relevant […]