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Freaky Friday: Is It Quitting Time Yet?

July 1, 2011


Amanda Gunter If you’re like me you’re probably not feeling very motivated on this lovely Friday before the holiday weekend. I tried to find topics to post about for Freaky Friday but somehow in my searches kept coming around to funny and lightheartd topics… Without further ado here’s a few posts I found that should help […]

Freaky Friday: Proofread your résumé!

May 27, 2011


Harriet May Let this be a word of warning.  We once received a résumé which stated, as clear as day, that their degree result was (and I kid you not) Sum cum latte. Coming from an entry-level candidate, the education was listed right at the top and hard to miss.  Except, it seems, by the […]

Freaky Friday: Finding someone to blame

May 20, 2011


Harriet May When we were hiring at our company, we saw a lot of résumés.  Hundreds.  We were sent résumé packs from local universities, which meant that those individuals did not directly apply, but were seeking employment.  So when one piqued our interest enough to perhaps invite the candidate in for an interview, we would […]

Freaky Friday: What you’re really missing when you miss an interview

April 29, 2011


Harriet May A few weeks ago I had an appointment at a local university to give a couple of mock interviews to students.  This has been on my calendar since February, and I’ve been really looking forward to it.  I mean, someone is really going to let me see real live victims soon-to-be job applicants […]