Résumé Mascara

There are many graduates out there that have absolutely no clue how to write a résumé.  You might be one of them.  Your résumé might be U-G-L-Y.  What this means is that there are a lot of smart, motivated young people who are missing out on some fantastic opportunities that should be well within their reach.  So this is where Résumé Mascara comes in.  This site was created with the belief that a little bit of humor and a lot of collaboration could get the right tools for a successful job search in the right hands.

Résumé Mascara is not a paid service, but it does highlight a lot of good advice about many aspects of your first (and perhaps second and third) job search, not just your résumé.  It will also point you in the right direction of other resources you may find useful.  Also, because Résumé Mascara invites opinions from a variety of very different but very thoughtful people, it doesn’t just tell you the absolutes of résumé writing and job searching, but also the gray areas.  So join in the conversation and decide what’s best for you (the point here being, whatever you do, do it well!)


We really encourage and celebrate our contributors.  They are, after all, what makes Résumé Mascara, Résumé Mascara.  We have career coaches, recruiters, and even recent grads who are deep into their own job hunts and learning everyday.  Each offers a different voice and perspective, as well as different thoughts and pieces of advice.  So we invite you to ask them questions, debate with them, and even offer your encouragement through the comments sections of each post.  Résumé Mascara is a community and we invite you to be an active part of it!

We welcome the recent addition of a weekly column by Amanda Gunter, Are you there Job?  It’s me, Amanda.  She will be writing about her experiences as she continues to look for a job.  Look out for a new post every Wednesday!

My dad, Raymond May, also contributes regularly.  He is a recruiter in the legal and financial fields, and works with a lot of people in high places (think million dollar salaries).  And he will tell you that even their résumés are not always up to scratch!

Then there is Freaky Friday, a weekly post that hits on some terrible mistakes that have been seen in the job search process.  This is what not to do!  Some are just downright frightening. *Shudders*

So get yourself ready for anything, but most of all get yourself ready to get the job.  Unless, of course, you find yourself in a situation like this:

Harriet May

Harriet MayHarriet felt, after reading hundreds of entry-level résumés while her company was hiring, that they largely sucked and someone had to do something.  Although she is not a career coach or a hiring manager, she decided to start this site so that she could offer her unique perspective and also with the intention of perhaps saving a few young professionals from missing great job opportunities because of poor résumés.

She works at the startup Loom, where she spends some of her time on marketing and business development, some of it on product development, a little on social media and whatever is left on customer support.  She currently subsists primarily on a diet of Luna bars in Charlotte, NC, with her boyfriend and bad dog.  Sometimes she even manages to wake up early in order to train somewhat laxly for triathlons, half marathons and running up tall buildings.

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