The Space Between College and Real Life.

Posted on July 6, 2011


Guest Post by Whitney Granneman

Growing up is hard.

Now that I’ve shared that hard truth with you, let’s begin.

Everyone tells you after you graduate high school you become a grown up.

Not true.

I graduated high school in 2007, and I didn’t begin to feel like an adult until… well… about a month ago when I graduated college. Your professors, parents and friends try to prepare you, giving you ominous warnings like, “Wait until you have to have a real job” or “College goes by very fast.”  Unfortunately your parents are almost always right.

It isn’t until you are out of the shelter of being a college student that you realize a few things.

Here’s a few life lessons I’ve learned in the past month since I graduated from college.

First: college goes by WAY too fast. If you’re still in college reading this thinking that I’m wrong, think about how fast last year went. Think about how fast high school went. If you think I’m wrong, bookmark this page and read it after you graduate.

Second: you will NOT get your dream job right out of college. It just doesn’t happen. You have all these dreams your senior year about how life will be after you graduate and you wake up and you’ve graduated and you’ve sent out 500 resumes and not heard back.

You need to pick your ego up off the ground, dust it off, relax and apply somewhere else. When I graduated I really wanted to work at Target Corp, but they didn’t have any positions that I qualified for, so I looked somewhere else. And I kept looking and looking… Anyway I don’t need to tell you about the economy. Any job you can get, you should at least consider.

Third: you need to be enthusiastic wherever you end up working. Why? Because no one wants to work with someone who complains all the time. If you don’t like the place you got hired, continue to search. Something like over half of employed people are actively looking for employment elsewhere.  In the meantime be the nicest happiest person you can be so that maybe if you find that dream job you can use your current position as a reference and if nothing else it’s a great learning experience.

More about the author: Whitney Granneman graduated in May from Carthage College with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Communications. She just moved back home to Minneapolis, MN where her job search continues. She’s currently working a temporary position and getting some office experience under her belt to beef up her resume and gain some new skills.

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