I think your résumé needs a new look.
It's ok. I've seen a lot of bad résumés. You're not alone. But now it's time to get down to business and get you that job. Let's makeover this sucker.

The Space Between College and Real Life.

July 6, 2011


Guest Post by Whitney Granneman Growing up is hard. Now that I’ve shared that hard truth with you, let’s begin. Everyone tells you after you graduate high school you become a grown up. Not true. I graduated high school in 2007, and I didn’t begin to feel like an adult until… well… about a month […]

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Freaky Friday: Is It Quitting Time Yet?

July 1, 2011


Amanda Gunter If you’re like me you’re probably not feeling very motivated on this lovely Friday before the holiday weekend. I tried to find topics to post about for Freaky Friday but somehow in my searches kept coming around to funny and lightheartd topics… Without further ado here’s a few posts I found that should help […]

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Are You There Job? It’s me, Amanda: From Classroom to Cubicle

June 29, 2011


My younger sister just graduated from college with her bachelor’s degree about a month ago and has since transitioned into a job working as an entries assistant. Obviously this is not the job she went to college for, and if this is still a shocking or disappointing thought to you, please be sure to read […]

Are you there, Job? It’s me, Amanda: Overwhelmed? Break it down

June 22, 2011


Amanda Gunter Searching for a job is a long arduous journey and if you’re like me you often feel helpless, overwhelmed and hopeless. You apply and wait, you network and hope to hear back from contacts and at the end of the day you feel like you got nothing accomplished. Nothing could be farther from […]

Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: Are you a good student?

June 8, 2011


Amanda Gunter Sometimes when you start a new job you luck out and get an awesome trainer. Most of the time you’re not so lucky. I’m going to talk about the other 90% of the time when you get a terrible trainer. The reason most companies have terrible trainers is because when a company hits […]

Lost after college? Good

June 2, 2011


Harriet May David Brooks offers some advice in The New York Times to recent grads leaving a structured adolescent life to face an unstructured adult world: Today’s graduates are also told to find their passion and then pursue their dreams. The implication is that they should find themselves first and then go off and live their […]

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Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: Recent College Grads, this post is for you

June 1, 2011


Amanda Gunter Graduation season is upon us and with that comes thousands of recent college grads looking for permanent work. Hopefully many of you have gotten started on your job search journey and have spent some much needed time on your resume.  If not, might I suggest paper and a pen as you’re going to […]